Hi all, and welcome to The Decorator.

This is a place to share all things interiors, along with thoughts and ideas about life, from food, to travel, to people.

After a brief flirtation with interior design in my teens, I studied journalism and now work in PR.

However, since buying a house with my boyfriend, Paul, and our cat, Boris, I’ve been able to let my crazy ideas loose and have come to love it again.

Since August 2015, we’ve been working through each room putting our own stamp on it. Our budget isn’t massive so there’s a fair amount of planning and daydreaming before actually starting work, but I hope along the way it helps you to find a few home ideas, new techniques and inspiration. And if it doesn’t, then maybe it’ll just give you an idea of where to go for tea on Saturday.

Enjoy! I’d love to hear your thoughts.