Rio Olympics: Fly the flag from home

Hands up…  who’s a fair weather sports fan?

Over the last few months, while we’ve had footballers, tennis players, cyclists and now all-round athletes to support at the Olympics, I’m sure we’ve all become an expert commentator on something. “Ooh, nice jump” during the equestrian events – having judged all those professional equestrian events in the past…

If you want to celebrate our homegrown talent for a bit longer than the Olympics, here are a few ideas to bring Team GB home to stay this Summer.

First, some inspiration on flying the flag without taking it too far…

how to.JPG

Generally, there are two ways to do it. If the idea of welcoming two strong primary colours into your room terrifies you (quite rightly), hang on to your neutral room scheme and simply use the flag for the detail. It doesn’t need to be boring. Channel Churchill’s War Rooms (below) with pale grey walls and industrial-style furniture that looks like it’s there to do the job and nothing more. Or, try a warm cream or taupe to give a worn, vintage look that demands dark wood, leather and a serious moustache.


If you want to go down the colour route, the obvious choice is to match the blue or red elsewhere. Bright blue or red, or slightly darker/lighter versions of each, will create a striking look. If you’re adding just a hint of Union Jack, you could even add another colour to the mix, like Farrow and Ball’s ‘Studio Green‘. Very grand.

And now to the best bit! The ultimate Team GB accessories. A particular favourite of mine is the mug, which fits in half a pint of tea – very British – and the pricey but lovely watering can.


A special arty mention has to go to Ros Shiers at, who takes the trophy for subtlety with her detailed animal portraits, featuring the classic British Bulldog and a cheeky crown-wearing, flag-toting pigeon. Prints start from £24.

art ros

Lovely items from…
Winston cushion,; Old style phone,; Bulldog cufflinks, Thomas Pink; Union Jack ribbon, John Lewis; WAH London nail art pens, Boots; Union Jack chocolates, Charbonnel et Walker; Multi-coloured patchwork throw, Debenhams; Union Jack watering can, Tesco Direct; Cupcake cases,; Half-pint mug, Emma Bridgewater.