Him vs. her: The dream kitchen 

We dipped our toes into A Big House Project last weekend, as we strayed into the kitchen section of B&Q.

After doing an initial walk round the different ranges with an assistant and pointing out what we liked, we had a meeting with their kitchen designer. He created the size and shape of our kitchen on screen and one by one added in our units. Here’s where we got to – a relatively modest but clean and modern shaker kitchen, with walnut worktop:kitchen mock up.JPG

Then came the serious bit – how much would it cost us and do we want to take the plunge? *Deep breath* We’re looking at about £9.5k for the whole caboodle at B&Q, and a rough estimate at Wren came out at about £6k, so whichever we choose, it’s going to need some saving first.

So we (I) thought we’d get ahead and plan out our perfect kitchen, which we might not be able to afford unit-wise, but could definitely aim for in terms of overall style and feel. Paul’s done one and I’ve done the other but which do you think is which, and (most importantly!) which do you prefer?

White and sage:


Rustic shaker:




2 thoughts on “Him vs. her: The dream kitchen 

    1. Doh! The bottom one is Paul’s but I like both and we’ll probably go for something more like that. I have got him the sardine pic for his birthday! Spreading the word x


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