11 foodie gifts for every craving

If your office is anything like ours, there’s a lot of food chat. There’s chat when you eat it, order it, can’t eat it (sob) or would like to eat it.

In PR, foodie essentials include burgers (energy for late night event coverage), avocado (to make up for weekend diet slippage) and prosecco (most of the time).

But based on hot ass trendy foods at the moment, you could go for anything from egg, to cupcakes to fancy flavoured gin.

If you’re buying a gift for a foodie friend, or getting ahead with planning for a small religious day in eleven weeks’ time, here’s some inspiration. I’ll take that burger:


Egg cup buckets, Lakeland; Popcorn candle, GourmetCandle at Etsy; Prosecco phone case, Redbubble; Gin doormat, iwantoneofthose.com; Coffee candle, Yankee Candle; Burger phone, EBASE at Amazon; Novelty cake rubbers, Paperchase; Avocado hand cream, John Lewis; Tea caddy, Williamson Tea; Lola’s Forever, WHSmith.


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