Leopard print. On the walls?


Google ‘leopard print fashion’ and you know it’s a big hit. Vogue says it’s “fall’s most powerful trend” and Harpers Bazaar credits it as every woman’s timeless secret wardrobe weapon.

betYou can’t argue with a woman wearing a major predator, and if the outfits in our office are anything to go by, the masses are madly in love with the style once reserved for this lady..

But leopard print in our homes seems a different story. Is this print, which is always the bad guy when television producers mock up the  chav pad, suitable for home consumption?

If you go by these little beauties on eBay and Pinterest, it’s a no.

bad leopard.JPG

But some sifting online brings up some gorgeous rooms that capture the leopard at its best – often within really clean, white rooms, but occasionally wrapped up in a little bohemian parcel with a bit of everything thrown in. If you like the wallpaper below, there’s a great version of it at notonthehighstreet.com. On-the-loo glamour EVERY TIME.

leopard good.JPG

I won’t lie, it took a fair amount of sifting to find a selection of tasteful products *sets up leopard print mail order business*…leopard products.JPG

The big lesson for me, when doing leopard print at home, is to use it sparingly (I think we all know that) but.. do it without apology. Go for your straight natural print, or monochrome, or blue and bloody pink version a la Kate Spade, and commit to it.

If you go for the natural print, bolster it up with lots of its good friends, black and white, and make a success of it. My art teacher taught me that, if unsure what colours to put together, go for those you would see together in nature. So looking at our model leopard below, opt for straw, whites, neutrals, spots of barely there green and pale blue for the sky.

leopard wild.jpg

Could you be tempted to go leopard print inside your home? Have you done it and loved it? I’m tempted!

Lovely items from:
Pillar candle, John Lewis; Leopard print bowl, Ralph Lauren Home; Leopard print table, Littlewoods; Fearne Cotton cushion, Littlewoods; Monochrone dinner plate, Zazzle; Leopard glassware, Zara Home.






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