8 ways to up-sex your bedroom

Today we’re talking sex. WIT WOO. With today’s generation being hit by busy jobs, demanding social lives and those needy smartphones/boxsets, our activity between the sheets is in need of some help.

sex surveyAccording to a recent survey, less than one in three couples have sex five or more times a month. While this works for some, almost half feel they should be having more and, unsurprisingly, single out tiredness and children as the main culprits.

So here’s my guide to making your bedroom sex-ready, to get you in the mood or just make sure you can take advantage as soon as the opportunity arises!


Upgrade your sheets
I’ve never tried satin sheets but they seem appropriate in this situation. Just as you’d feel sexy in a silky negligee, sheets that feel silky on your skin will play to your senses. How sssssensual.

Know your scents
There’s a fair bit out there about the impact your sense of smell can have on your sex life. Musk is believed to help girls in particular get in the mood, as it resembles the scent of natural male pheromones. Vanilla and peppermint are also both believed to increase sexual stimulation in men and women, with peppermint giving an added energising boost, too. Light a mint-scented candle or oil if you need a wake up call before your booty call. Place scented candles or oils on bedside tables and switch the scents regularly so you don’t get used to them.

Check your colours
The link between food and pleasure doesn’t stop at scents. Surprisingly, people with red walls were found to have the least sex in a recent report, while those with caramel-coloured walls average three times a week. The theory is that the brain links this colour with indulgent foods and therefore pleasure. Here’s how to build caramel into your room, going for an opulent look with golden tones and peacock blues, or toning it down by mixing caramel with no fuss white and  cream:


Keep your kit close
Whatever your ‘kit’ is or contains, pack it away somewhere out of sight but easily accessible. If your bedside drawer is full of receipts and 2p coins, it’s time for a clear out. Make it easy to choose sex over sleep by having your wingmen – from Barry White to anything that vibrates – within reach.

Clean up
As far as I’m aware, sex in messy bedrooms isn’t a thing for many people. Of course, don’t let it get in the way of spontaneity (“two seconds darling, just sorting my tights”) but generally, get clothes out of the way and try to minimise clutter. Make your room about sleep, relaxation and sex.

Upgrade your sleep
If you’re tired all the time you’re never going to get it on. When it’s time to update your room, go for black out blinds and make sure your room is the right temperature for sleeping. Generally, slightly cool is best. Colour-wise, blue is thought to be the best colour for sleep quality while purple is a no go.

Not for everyone but…

Find some inspiration
I’m not talking porn here, but things that just remind you that sex exists. It could be wall art with a bit of sass or a book of erotic fiction that you can flick through every so often. It certainly doesn’t have to be the kind of thing that puts your room off limits during the house tour – it just needs to have some meaning to you. It could even be a photo (of the scenery!) from your first trip away together, or one of the following from art.co.uk:


Ditch the tech
This is not a new concept but is certainly a difficult one. Scrolling or tweeting or blogging on your phone instead of talking to your partner is a nasty habit that we’re all struggling to kick. Do all the browsing you need on the sofa and then, when you’re ready for bed, leave it somewhere out of reach. You’ll still hear your alarm or any urgent calls, but you won’t be doing this *shudder*


Stats taken from The Mirror and Good Housekeeping. Photo credit: Dave Willis.


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