4 exquisite little home gifts

For those of you who don’t know me and haven’t heard the constant whingeing about it, I recently turned 30.

As everyone says, it’s not that bad. And thumbs up to my friends, family and colleagues who came up with some beautiful gifts. As I love them so much, I’d thoroughly recommend:

20160814_163759 rs

Customisable notebook from Papier, £12.99
Available in all sorts of prints and designs, these are just gorgeous. And another one for those who know me, my name is not Alex Jones. Following some slight family confusion around the customised element, Papier have kindly offered to send me a replacement with my actual name on it!

20160815_180331 rs

Jo Malone Home Candle, £42
As if this needs any introduction. You can’t not feel special with the candle, box and beautiful bag popped onto your desk. I have the same scent in a perfume and can’t wait to fill the house with soft girlyness.

20160814_163912 rs

New Look photo frame, £12
I’d seen this one lunch break and in a fit of frugality, walked away without it. Luckily, although it’s not on the website, it’s still in store. I will be filling it with a nice photo but actually really like the little meme too.

20160815_180510 rs

Navy round table, Pig and Sally

This is the re-loved table I spotted in Wetherby’s Decoporium, and then obsessed over for weeks. The next time we went it had gone, so it was a lovely surprise when Paul took me into the garage and he had it! The sneaky swine 🙂 This is now in our bedroom and just needs a few bits to liven it up.


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