One year on: The living room


Somehow, we’ve almost lived in the house for a year! I know. August bank holiday will mark one year since we left convenient city life and moved out to a village, bringing the average age down to a sprightly 72.

Despite starting out as most people do, sitting on fishing chairs (not as comfortable as you’d think after two weeks) and praying for wi-fi, it didn’t take long for the place to feel homely.

The living room was the priority for us, with it being the first room you really walk into and also the one you spend most time in. Over time, we painted over the wallpaper, replaced the nice but past in carpet and (having debated the virtues of comfy vs. stylish sofas for what felt like months) took delivery of the beautiful Zinc sofas from French Connection at DFS.

Here’s how it’s changed:

old room1

old room2

Godsends when you’re doing up your room:

  • Barker and Stonehouse Outlets. There are only two, in York and Middlesbrough, but they allowed us to get the lovely worn wooden units for less than £300 each. They also list all available items on their websites so you can see what they have before you go.
  • Topps Tiles. The trip to buy tiles was never going to be a glamourous one, but everyone comments on the grey mosaic tiles we used on the fireplace and they didn’t cost much at all.
  • A handy friend. One of Paul’s tiler friends helped us with the fireplace and we paid him in food and regular breaks to play FIFA. Labour can be one of the most expensive elements of a room revamp, so keep your handy friends close!
  • Interest free credit. Not that you want to be loaning money on everything, but it allowed us to get the sofas and all-round-the-house carpet we wanted.

My favourite bits, other than the biggies, are the little touches. The vintage stool goes with an old dressing table from my nana, and was freshened up by Abbey Upholstery in Horsforth, Leeds. I’ve had the crackle lamp from Next for years, and refuse to give it up, and the clock is by Jones.

room bits


4 thoughts on “One year on: The living room

    1. Thanks Nuns! You’ve done an amazing job with your flat so am sure you will end up with something amazing when you have more space to play with! xx


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