6 instant pick-me-ups for tired rooms

If you move somewhere new or it suddenly dawns on you that your neglected spare bedroom has turned into something from Skins…


… it can be tempting to go full on Changing Rooms.

But (sigh) we all have bills to pay and every so often it’s nice not to talk about argue over paint colours all weekend.

So, six ways to rescue the room from hell without too much money or drama:

  • Invest in plain, crisp white bedding*. I love the faintly striped versions that look like they’re from a hotel, but anything white and blocky will instantly freshen things up. Wilko has double duvet sets starting from £7.


  • Get something – anything – alive in there. A decent sized indoor plant is about £10 from B&Q and will inject colour and life.
  • Make it smell nice! Everyone loves walking into a room that smells lovely. The most pungent fabric conditioner you can find will add a constant background scent to the room, while a plug-in or scented wax burner will give a boost whenever you need it. Air Wick plug-ins are great, but a cheap burner (ours is from Tesco) with little scented hearts looks really good, too.


  • Unfortunately… dust, clean, vacuum. Chances are, you have that grim border of dust around the edge of your carpet, where the vacuum doesn’t reach. Get rid of this to instantly rejuvenate your room. Wipe mirrors and polish frames so they reflect every glimmer of light.
  • Show your windowsill some love. If it’s bare, invest in a couple of accessories  or if it’s covered in crap, clear it out. No-one needs to see the back of 17 photo frames, an empty coffee cup and your sixth-form year book as they walk past the window.


  • Cushions. They’re a multi-million pound business (surely?). Two or three strategically placed on the bed/sofa will instantly make the room seem cosier and more together. Avoid complicating the existing colour scheme by sticking to colours that are already established in the room, and just match them or take them a couple of shades lighter/darker to add interest without clashing.

* if you don’t have a grubby-footed cat

Lovely windowsill items from:

Spider plant, B&Q; Hammered copper vase, George at Asda; Grey photo frame, M&S; Decorative letters, Next; Pillar candles, Tesco.


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