5 top moments for interior lovers

1. Shopping

Well duh? But unless you live opposite a Next, HomeSense, Dunelm, The Range and several adorable but surprisingly inexpensive flea markets, it can take months to get a new room looking just right. The first phase – huge shopping trips where you arrive home with mountains of goodies – are insane (if slightly financially terrifying). The second phase is where you get to stumble across unexpected gems on your lunch break, or come home with more than just milk and seven Krispy Kremes from Tesco. Which brings me onto…

2. Supermarkets

Supermarkets are not to be underestimated. Though they’re not always much cheaper than full-on interiors shops, they can give you pieces that not everyone else has thought of. #smugface

3. Knowing you were right

We’ve all lost sleep (ok, dithered a bit) over a new purchase. What used to be ‘will these jeans go with this top?’ in Topshop, is now ‘will these fake tropical leaves look shit in this terranium?’ in Dunelm.

Dunelm haul







Sometimes they do look shit, but when they don’t, you would welcome a fanfare and round of applause as you place them in their new room.


4. Taking someone room shopping

Case in point: my brother. Him and his wife live in a very white, plain new house, and needed some help bringing it to life. Of course, it’s always amazing picking out amazing accessories and having someone else pay for them, but the best bit was seeing him grow in confidence, pick things out and being happy with them.

Brother shopping

Unfortunately I had to get back on a train from the dark age so didn’t get to arrange them, but I can’t wait to see them next time I visit.

5. Finishing

Finding the finishing touch – a lamp, a throw, the tiniest je ne sais quoi scatter cushion – is heaven. For those of a slightly anal disposition, it’s the end of walking into a room and zoning straight in on *insert unfinished room element*. It also means that your room can FINALLY make it onto Instagram and become part of the house visitors’ tour. LIVING. THE. DREAM.

The worst moment? The panic to find the next project.


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